Appliance Shed

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Appliance Shed

appliance shed


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Maytag engine

Maytag engine
This is just one of 12 Maytags that my grandffather and I removed from an old shed of his this week. My grandfather has over 30 Maytag engines, and parts for about 20 more.

This engine was originally used on a Maytag Brand Washing Machine from the 1930’s. Yes, washing machines ran on gas back then. Growing up, I was around these things constantly. We would take these engines out to the threshing shows to display them to the public, and I always had fun with them.

My grandfather and I emptying out a shed since the roof collapsed. Inside the shed are a lot of old engines, oil cans, antique scooters, and pedal cars.

a sharecropper's life

a sharecropper's life
Discovered this old house hidden in densely forested area. I explored the inside of the structure and discovered it appeared to be an old sharecropper’s house.

The wood floor had mostly rotted away and there were remnants of appliances from the 40’s and 50’s inside.

From the outside it had a distinct "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" feel to it.

This image is "raw" out of camera and has not been altered.

appliance shed